A Brief Introduction to The Financial Management Journal

Financial Management Association International pic

Financial Management Association International
Image: fma.org

John Nofsinger is an expert in finance with international teaching experience in regions such as China, New Zealand, and Greece. Currently serving as the William H. Seward Endowed Chair in Finance at the University of Alaska Anchorage, John Nofsinger is also a member of the Financial Management Association International (FMA).

A nonprofit professional membership organization, the FMA was founded in 1970 to support the global finance community by promoting information and research that advances financial strategy and decision making. The association has over 3,000 members who receive benefits that include the Financial Management (FM) Journal.

The flagship publication of FMA, The FM journal is released quarterly and focuses on finance-related business topics and research. The hard copy publication is complemented by virtual issues that are accessible on the FMA website at http://www.fma.org. Topics cover a broad range of financial-based research, such as articles on return patterns, financial crisis management, and dividend policy. The editors of the journal favor risky and original topics above traditional ones, and hold workshops to engage young scholars and help them to publish their work.


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