I Heal? – A Young Adult Science Fiction Novel

With nearly two decades of experience as a university educator, John Nofsinger, PhD, currently serves as a professor of finance at the University of Alaska Anchorage. An avid reader of books in the science fiction and fantasy genre in his free time, Dr. John Nofsinger is also the author of a science fiction novel for young adults titled I Heal?, which was published in 2012.

I Heal? details the life of a young girl with the ability to magically heal others at a cost to herself. The book follows her journey of self-discovery as she learns to determine when to use her powers and identify those who deserve her sacrifice. As she struggles to obtain control of her life, she also faces the ever-present threat of her father, a man that uses her gift for his own personal gain.

Available on Amazon, I Heal? can be purchased in paperback and for Kindle devices.


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